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Restricted Permission Granted to Hitch

Friday, September 20, 2013

Amended January 22, 2014

The DC Taxicab Commission has lifted the restrictions on Hitch's Operating Authority.

Amended October 1, 2013

The DC Taxicab Commission today announces a settlement agreement with Hitch. The agreement provides restricted permission to Hitch to fulfill its obligations as a PSP and avoid any future enforcement action for violations of Title 31.

The restrictions on Hitch’s Operating Authority are effective as of October 1, 2013. Hitch agrees to comply fully with the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement settlement.  

The settlement agreement restrictions include the following:

  • Hitch shall not execute agreements for new Modern Taximeter System (MTS) customers.
  • Hitch shall provide to DCTC a list of all vehicles for which the MTS is missing or incomplete.
  • Hitch shall transmit daily to DCTC a complete and accurate inventory of MTS units installed.
  • Hitch is required to install at a minimum the number of MTS units as directed by DCTC.
  • Hitch shall transfer to the District all outstanding passenger surcharge payments.
  • Hitch shall provide DCTC with a statement describing its ability to comply with technical reporting requirements and any limitations of which it is aware.
  • Hitch shall pay the full amount owed to each vehicle owner when owner provides Hitch with payment information within the time required by Title 31 of the DCMR. 
  • Hitch shall inform each vehicle owner with an MTS installation lacking a keypad that such installation will be completed, or the vehicle owner may cancel the contract without cost to the owner allowing owner to return any equipment no later than October 5, 2013.