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Drivers and Companies

Driver Rights

As a driver you have the right to:

  • Post the largest denominations from which he or she can make change. This notice of limitation must be Commission approved and prominently displayed in a Commission - approved sign within the passenger’s view.
  • Charge Rate Two (2) for All Trips
  • Charge Rate Three (3) Only during a DC Taxicab Commission snow declared emergency.
  • Receive fare Approved by the DC Taxicab Commission
  • Refuse service to person or persons if the Operator fears for their safety.
  • Place taxicab out of service at your discretion Provided such action is noted on the manifest and Off-Duty sign is posted Visibly in the window prior to a request for service.

Fuel Efficiency

The DC Department of the Environment provides information, data and guides regarding vehicle emission standards, inspection and maintenance schedules and fuel efficiency.