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District of Columbia Taxicab Commission

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Panel on Consumer and Industry Concerns

The Commission's Panel on Consumer and Industry Concerns (CIC) has the jurisdiction, power, and duty to:

  • Adjudicate all complaints lodged in the Office of Taxicabs against taxicab operators, companies, associations, fleets and taxicab dispatch services by consumers and officials or employees of government involved in taxicab enforcement or administration;
  • Adjudicate intra-industry complaints and disputes that occur in the taxi industry, when the panel determines that it is necessary to protect the public interest. These include, but are not limited to, complaints and disputes between companies, associations, or companies and associations, operators or owners, and operators or owners and companies or associations;
  • Issue reasonable rules to govern intra-industry relationships on the basis of industry-wide problems that come to light by virtue of adjudication, where considered necessary to protect the public interest, after notice and comment. For the purposes of this paragraph, the power to issue rules that govern intra-industry relationships means the power to regulate the responsibilities of one component of the taxi industry to another. It does not encompass the power to regulate the responsibility of any component of the industry to the public. That power vested in the Panel on Rates and Rules.
  • Hear and decide appeals generated by license denials and proposed revocations or suspensions of licenses issued by the Office of Taxicabs.
  • Hear and decide complaints and appeals generated by any order, act, practice, or policy relating to the taxicab industry that is implemented by the Office of Taxicabs; and
  • Undertake the investigation of any aspect of taxicab operations and practices and make a report and/or recommendation to the Panel on Rates and Rules, or issue any reasonable rule, if the subject of the investigation concerns a matter relevant to the rulemaking authority vested in the panel by statute.