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District of Columbia Taxicab Commission

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Panel on Rates and Rules

DC Taxi Regulations

Panel on Rates and Rules

The Commission's Panel on Rates and Rules has original jurisdiction, power, and duty to:

  • Establish reasonable rates for taxicab service for the transportation of passengers and their property within the District, including all charges incidental and directly related to the provision of taxicab services;
  • Establish methodologies to determine reasonable fares for taxicab service, which include, but are not limited to, revision of the zone boundaries and zone construct currently employed to determine taxicab fares. The Commission's Panel on Rates and Rules shall neither impose any limitation on the number of taxicabs that may operate in the District, nor shall it authorize a metered system for determining taxicab fares without a 60-day period of Council review of the proposal;
  • Establish criteria, standards, and requirements for taxicab vehicle licensing;
  • Establish criteria, standards, and requirements for the licensing of taxicab owners, operators, taxicab companies, associations, and fleets, including the setting of reasonable license fees;
  • Establish standards, conditions, and requirements of taxicab service;
  • Establish standards for driver and passenger safety;
  • Establish standards and requirements relating to equipment and equipment design;
  • Regulate the rates charged for the lease of taxicabs by taxicab companies, associations, and fleets, where considered necessary to protect the public interest in situations of public emergency, or because of extraordinary circumstances affecting the taxicab industry;
  • Establish reasonable civil fines and penalties for violations of rules or orders issued by the Commission, or orders issued by the Commission, including penalties consisting of license suspension and revocation;
  • Establish any rule that relates to the regulation and supervision of the taxicab industry not specifically delineated in this chapter, so long as the rule is consistent with this chapter, is reasonable, is related to the furtherance and protection of the public interest in taxi transportation, and is not within the rulemaking authority vested in the Panel on Consumer and Industry Concerns;
  • Advise agencies and authorities of government that have jurisdiction over public transportation, public highways, and public space within the District with regard to the routing of taxicabs and the location of taxicab stands within the District; and
  • Advise the Mayor with regard to entering, modifying, and terminating reciprocal taxicab agreements with other governmental bodies in the Washington metropolitan area.