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District of Columbia Taxicab Commission

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Regulations and Panels

The mission of the DC Taxicab Commission is to provide the citizens of the District of Columbia and its visitors a safe, comfortable, efficient and affordable taxicab experience in well-equipped vehicles operated by highly qualified individuals who have knowledge of the District's streets, boundaries, history and tourist destinations, as well as the basic tenets of high quality customer service. At the same time, the Commission strives to provide taxicab owners and operators with a system of rules and regulations that are fair and transparent and that allow for technological advancements to be introduced to the industry and for properly qualified individuals to participate in the industry.

There are two panels under the Commission that fulfill these objectives.

  1. The Panel on Rates and Rules which promulgates fares and regulations; and
  2. The Panel on Consumer and Industry Concerns which resolves industry issues.

The Office of Taxicabs is the administrative support branch of the Taxicab Commission that processes license applications and enforces the Commission's rules and regulations.