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DC Taxicab Driver Receives Praise From Passenger

Friday, March 29, 2013
Woubishet K. Tessema went beyond the call of duty

DC taxicab driver Woubishet K. Tessema received the praise from a passenger for taking action described as “extraordinary.”   

Mr. George Akerlof left an extremely important and valuable package of medicine in Mr. Tessema’s cab. Upon finding the package in the vehicle, Mr. Tessema was able to identify the passenger from the name on the medicine and returned it to Mr. Akerlof.

Mr. Akerlof noted that he was not charged anything for the driver’s return trip and added that the return of the package “made a huge difference…since [he had] to take a test the next day, and needed the medicine for it.” In addition, he had no way to trace the doctor in a timely manner.

The grateful passenger would like to offer public recognition to Woubishet K. Tessema as a fine person who the city should be proud to have as a taxi driver.

This action is a wonderful example for the District of Columbia public vehicle for hire industry. Mr. Tessema represents the high quality level of service that passengers should come to expect and of which the DC Taxicab Commission is pleased to highlight.